Chevrolet Cruze Diesel – Boston – We Think it’s One of the Best Cars Around, and now USA Today Agrees

ImageEver since the new Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Debuted in 2013, we have known it was a winner. (It’s the only non-hybrid car available today that gets such high gas mileage- and it’s a blast to drive.) And now USA Today agrees, having just voted it “One of the Best Cars from 2013”.

The call it “Best rookie”, and go on to say it…..  “delivers the fuel-saving goods on the highway.”

“The low-speed torque that’s inherent in a diesel is well-suited to much U.S. driving, and can make the daily slog a bit more exciting. In fact, the diesel’s the quickest Cruze, Chevy says, clipping off the 0-to-60 dash notably faster than the gasoline models.
Plus, there’s nothing bad about it. Not sluggish. Doesn’t stink. Isn’t noisy.”

Who are we to disagree? 🙂

Click here to learn more about the new Chevy Cruze.



Mirak Chevrolet is a Boston Area Chevy dealer in Arlington, MA


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