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Chevrolet Cruze vs. Ford Focus – Boston

Chevy_Cruze_vs_Ford_Focus-BostonWhen you compare the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze with the 2014 Ford Focus here in the Boston Area, a few things become clear. It’s more than just numbers that matter. There’s quality, comfort, reliability, and dependability.

We took a look at the 2014 Cruze and the 2014 Focus. We feel that the Cruze is a better all around vehicle. So we made a web page to show you why:

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Chevrolet Cruze Diesel – Boston – We Think it’s One of the Best Cars Around, and now USA Today Agrees

ImageEver since the new Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Debuted in 2013, we have known it was a winner. (It’s the only non-hybrid car available today that gets such high gas mileage- and it’s a blast to drive.) And now USA Today agrees, having just voted it “One of the Best Cars from 2013”.

The call it “Best rookie”, and go on to say it…..  “delivers the fuel-saving goods on the highway.”

“The low-speed torque that’s inherent in a diesel is well-suited to much U.S. driving, and can make the daily slog a bit more exciting. In fact, the diesel’s the quickest Cruze, Chevy says, clipping off the 0-to-60 dash notably faster than the gasoline models.
Plus, there’s nothing bad about it. Not sluggish. Doesn’t stink. Isn’t noisy.”

Who are we to disagree? 🙂

Click here to learn more about the new Chevy Cruze.



Mirak Chevrolet is a Boston Area Chevy dealer in Arlington, MA

Chevrolet Cruze – Boston Area’s Most Popular Chevy Car (Best Year Ever.)

2014_Chevrolet_Cruze_BostonIt’s official: The Chevrolet Cruze was the Number One selling car for Chevy in 2013. (Sales were up 4.4 percent over 2012.)

Cruze sales for the year registered at 248,224 units country-wide, a 10,466-unit increase from 2012 sales. 2013 ranks as the highest sales year ever for the car.

The Cruze also remained Chevrolet’s second-best selling model, trailing only the Silverado pickup, which moved 480,418 units in 2013. (The Silverado is poised, along with the GMC Sierra, to battle the new Ford F150 pickup in 2014 for the title of Number One Seller in America.)

In a statement, GM touted a successful overall year for both the company and the industry as a whole. General Motors delivered nearly 2.8 million vehicles in 2013. Retail sales increased 11 percent, and total sales increased at a rate of 7 percent compared to 2012.

“2013 was the year that GM and the auto industry put the last traces of the recession in the rearview mirror, so now we can devote our full attention to the things that matter most to customers: compelling design, world-class quality and delivering the best ownership experience in the business,” Kurt McNeil vice president of U.S. sales operations, said in the press release..

GM seized the opportunity to rebrand itself after the recession, offering new models and making its vehicles competitive moving into the future, said Eric Lyman of the market tracker As for the Cruze, GM has positioned the compact car well to compete in one of the industry’s most-competitive segments, Lyman said.
When production was down, he said, the company took advantage of incentives to “move the metal,” and the decision has paid off in a big way.



At Mirak Chevrolet, we have a large inventory of the new Chevrolet Cruze, including the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze in the Boston Area.



Mirak Chevrolet is a Boston Area Chevy Dealer in Arlington, MA.

Boston Chevrolet Dealer: “Chevrolet Cruze Jumps to Number One in June”



The Number One selling compact car in America in June was the Chevy Cruze. 

There were 32,871 Chevrolet Cruzes sold Nationally during the month of June, compared to 18,983 in June 2012. This represents an increase of over 73%. For the year, sales of the Chevy Cruze are up by 17.4%, with 133,689 sold thus far in 2013.

June was also an all-time record sales month for the Cruze. (Boston Chevrolet Cruze figures mirror the national results as well, with Chevy Cruze sales increasing 13% in the Boston Area so far this year.)

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