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Boston Chevrolet Dealer Happy with 2014 Impala- Now Rated # 1 by Consumer Reports

2014-chevrolet-impala_Boston (1)

Consumer Reports announced today that the 2014 Impala has become the first Detroit Three sedan in 20 years to beat a Japanese or German rival as the top-scoring sedan for the year, and Boston Area Chevorlet Dealers are thrilled.  “We are very proud to have a car like this”, said Mark Buck, sales manager at Mirak Chevrolet, a Boston Chevrolet Dealer in Arlington, MA. “We knew that the all-new Impala would be a hit, and we’re thrilled that Consumer Reports agrees”,

Consumer Reports’ engineers found the Impala rides like a luxury sedan, with a cushy and controlled demeanor, while delivering surprisingly agile handling, capable acceleration and excellent braking,” said the consumer-products testing magazine. With a score of 95 out of a possible 100 points, the Impala outscores cars costing as much as $20,000 more, they said.

“The Impala corners quite well for a large car, with prompt turn-in response and controlled body lean,” the magazine said. “Steering is nicely weighted; it’s light enough for parking maneuvers and provides decent feedback. When pushed to its handling limits, the Impala proved secure, responsive, balanced, and easy to control.”

Starting at $26,725, the Impala beat out comparable rivals like the latest Ford Taurus, Dodge Charger and Toyota Avalon.

Consumer Reports gave the vehicle an overall rating of 95, the highest for a sedan. It earned high marks for solid handling, spacious interior cabin design, and intuitive controls.

Consumer Reports is considered to be the single most influential publication among car shoppers. Unlike other auto review outlets, Consumer Reports does not accept any advertising and it buys all the cars it tests, rather than relying on cars provided by manufacturers.

Contact us at  to set up a test drive. Come and see first hand why Consumer Reports gave the Impala the highest rating.


New Clean Diesel Turbo Car Coming to Boston Area Chevrolet Dealers

It’s here! – THE NEW



The New Chevrolet Cruz Turbo Diesel has arrived at Mirak Chevrolet, a Boston Chevrolet Dealer in Arlington, MA.

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The New 2014 Chevy Cruz Turbo Diesel gets 46 highway miles to the gallon, yet it has 150 horsepower. 

The Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel hits the Boston Area roads running as the first clean diesel car ever produced by a U.S. automaker and will offer an EPA-estimated 46 MPG highway. It will have a starting MSRP of $24,885*.

Clean diesels generate at least 90% less Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions when compared to previous-generation diesels.

It all starts with a 2.0L turbocharged clean diesel engine designed in Italy, built in Germany and installed in the Cruze at our factory in Lordstown, Ohio. The 2014 Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel comes equipped with the very latest clean diesel technology which helps reduce emissions while also boasting 148 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of “low-end” torque that customers of our Boston Area Chevrolet dealership will have to experience to believe.



Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel emissions are below strict U.S. environmental standards. In fact, to even qualify for clean diesel classification, Cruze had to meet modern Tier 2 Bin 5 Emission Standards —a new generation of stringent clean diesel standards.

Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel is equipped with technology including exhaust gas recirculation, selective catalyst reduction, a particulate filter and advanced fuel system components. All these technologies working together allow the diesel engine in Cruze to perform with very low Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions and very low particulate emissions. 



While the Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel certainly packs a cleaner kick, it’s designed to reduce the noise and vibration often associated with earlier generation diesel  cars.

Right down to the sporty 17-inch alloy wheels, chances are, Boston Area drivers never felt something so fun to drive with this kind of efficiency.